• 2ND RAN Advisory board meeting

    Makerere University, School Of Public Health, ResilientAfrica Network, EA RILab had its 2nd Innovation Advisory Board meeting to discuss scaling for EA RILab and its projects. The purpose of the meeting was;

    – To define essential functions and elements of a “scaling bridge” for EA RILab
    – To articulate RAN’s core value proposition to funders and partners.
    – Understand the goals and overall work plan for advancing our scaling strategy

    In the meeting, the board discussed critical issues required for scaling including stakeholder engagement, profiling of the grantees, publicizing what the lab is doing and establishing a facts sheet for all projects under incubation.

    The meeting was attended by 9 board members and chaired by Mr Apire Richard the chairman Board Electricity Regulatory Authority who also serves as the EA RILab Innovation Advisory Board chair.

    In Pictures

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