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    The Collaborative Resilience Innovation Design for Recurrent Effects of Chronic Internal Displacement (CRID4CID) Grants Call

    ResilientAfrica Network (RAN)Horn of Africa Somalia Resilience Innovation Hub (HoA Somalia RIHub) is pleased to announce and invite applications for the Collaborative Resilience Innovation Design for Recurrent Effects of Chronic Internal Displacement (CRID4CID) Grants. Are you working on an innovative idea or approach that has the potential to strengthen the resilience of communities dealing with chronic internal displacement? The CRID4CID call is sourcing innovative ideas that can contribute to resilience building in areas affected by recurrent effects of chronic internal displacement.

    Through CRID4CID, RAN is looking to select a team of motivated, experienced and innovative resource persons who will then co-create a collaborative, complementary ecosystem of projects designed to strengthen resilience of communities by building their agency to improve and apply technology in mitigating climate risks, increase access to markets, improve agricultural productivity and sustainable natural resource management, improve skills development, and to improve agricultural policy formulation and regulation. The projects will fit together to deliver services on a common systems level platform (e.g. the ability to use the same mobile-based customer payment system). Applications submitted through CRID4CID will be used as a basis for selecting a team of co-creators from different disciplinary backgrounds and organizations. The selected team members will then collaborate to transform their ideas into a set of fundable projects that have shared platform integration features.

    In the first step of the CRID4CID process, the HoA RILab invites ideas addressing three priority innovation challenges for resilience building around rapid urbanization and its associated shocks and stresses:

    • Innovation Challenge 1: Competence and Skills Development for Improved Service Delivery
    • Innovation Challenge 2: Diversified Livelihoods
    • Innovation Challenge 3: Agro-Progress for Resilience

    Phase 1 grants ranging between US$ 30,000 to $100,000 are anticipated for each team formed around the final set of projects selected from those co-created by the co-creation team. The CRID4CID Call is open from September 23 to October 24, 2016 11:59pm GMT+3 (local time in Somalia/East Africa).

    For details, updates and to apply, please visit www.grants.ranlab.org. Follow RAN @AfricaResilient @HoARILab #CRID4CID and like us on Facebook RAN and Facebook HoA RILab  for more opportunities.

    For further inquiry, please email us at support.hoarilab@ranlab.org or contact the HoA Somalia RIHub Offices at Benadir University.

    Together we can positively transform communities using “Solutions through Innovation”.