EA RILab Team

The Eastern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab (EA RILab)

The Eastern Africa RILab (EA RILab) is one of four RILabs that have been established across Africa as part of the ResilientAfrica Network. The EA RILab is based at Makerere University School of Public Health, Uganda. The other partner Universities affiliated to the EA RILab include Gulu University (Uganda), National University of Rwanda (Rwanda) and Kinshasa School of Public Health (DRC). The Lab has identified seven communities that are vulnerable to the effects of climate variability and conflict, and these communities will serve as pilot sites for resilience innovations sponsored by the Lab. Of these seven communities, four are located in Uganda, two are in Rwanda and one is located in DRC.

EA RILab Thematic Focus

The RILab focuses on building resilience of these communities to the effects of climate variability that manifests as recurrent drought alternating with floods, landslides, and disease epidemics; and effects of acute and chronic conflict that manifest as Gender Based Violence (GBV), refugees and the pace of recovery after conflict.

EA RILab Vision Statement
The vision of the Eastern Africa RILab is to have African communities that are resilient to the shocks and stresses affecting their livelihoods, making use of innovative solutions to their context specific challenges. The lab envisions dynamic self-sufficient households in target communities that effectively harness local agency, indigenous adaptive capacities, and tested innovations to disrupt current approaches to production and market engagement in a manner that builds livelihood safety nets and cushions them from climate related shocks and stresses and leads to sustainable development.

Nathan Tumuhamye Kipande
Director, Eastern Africa RILab
Email: ntumuhamye [at] ranlab [dot] org
Skype: tumuhamyenathankipande

Dr.Julius Ssentongo
Program Co-ordinator, Eastern Africa RILab
Email: jssentongo [at] ranlab [dot] org
Skype: julius.ssentongo
Ronald Kayiwa
Innovations Officer
Email: rkayiwa [at] ranlab [dot] org
Skype: ronald.kayiwa
Anne Burugu Mugarura
Administrator, Eastern Africa RILab
Email: aburugu [at] ranlab [dot] org
Skype: anne.burugu
Sheila Agaba
Lab Technical Officer, Eastern Africa RILab
Email: sagaba [at] ranlab [dot] org
Skype: a.sheila1