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To be a leading centre for academic and practical excellence in peace, and strategic studies


To provide excellent quality research, training and dissemination that shall promote academic and practical growth in peace, and strategic studies through professionalism and sustainable response to social community conflicts.


Transforming communities for sustainable peace

Community Outreach

Gulu University’s Community Outreach program is an initiative of Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies. Its goal is to strengthen community peace building mechanisms for sustainable peace and development through community participation. The program targets the students of Gulu University, representatives of civil society, NGO staff; the marginalized, vulnerable, disadvantaged and susceptible groups as well as those who are interested to enrich their knowledge in conflict management and peace building skills either for private or professional reasons. In this context, Community outreach program adopts an innovative multi-programming approach for productivity in the community transformation process that blends theory and practice in peace training activities. It seeks to link knowledge and practice of peace as a larger component of development

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Located in Gulu town in northern Uganda, Gulu University (Hyperlink: was legally established by a Statutory Instrument No. 31 of 2003. Initially, the University was to specialize in agricultural mechanization hence its original name- Gulu University of Agriculture and Environmental Science, but it was later proposed that the University should widen its scope beyond agricultural mechanization and was then renamed Gulu University. As at 2012, the University has five faculties and two institutes.

Dr. Daniel Komakech
Focal Point Person, Gulu University