• Innovation Garage

    Makerere University School of Public Health – ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) is pleased to invite you to the 2nd Innovation Garage on Friday 31st July 3:00pm – 6:00pm.
    Register Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2nd-innovation-garage-ran-hosting-rootio-tickets-17893239160
    This month we shall host RootIO – Community Radio: We shall focus on designing a low cost Radio Tower for RootIO to bring down the cost from $3000 to Apporx $500. The over all goal is to lower the cost of initial setup of the Community Radio that involves the the Radio Bucket and the Towers to $1,500. The Innovators will take us through their project and highlight any additional components that require redesigning or reinventing which will be guiding Topics for the Brainstorming sessions to suggest possible solutions. We believe this session will be very helpful to give deeper insights to the Innovators on potential solutions for any engineering hurdles they are experiencing while designing and developing their Innovations.
    RootIO is one of the Projects that was selected by the EA RILab for incubation under the RAN Innovation Acceleration Program (RIAP) http://www.ranlab.org/innovations/riap-grantees
    RootIO is a technology that combines the power of radio technology and the reach of mobile phone coverage to transmit radio-signals in almost any community as long as there is mobile phone coverage. One unique aspect of this technology is that the mobile phone handset can quickly become a radio transmitter when attached to a portable hardware set. This implies that a radio station can be set up in any community anywhere, and the same station can be re-deployed to different communities in a very short period of time. The Community Radio is almost nearing completion of the Pilot Phase in Northern Uganda; Read the story Here – http://www.ranlab.org/first-community-radio-station-rootio-launched-in-aber-sub-county-oyam-district-uganda
    More details on this Radio Technology can be found on: http://rootio.org/
    About the Garage:
    Focused on Innovation as a cornerstone and key transformational element for development, The Innovation Garage guided by the Theme “Catalyzing Engineering Solutions” is well positioned to assist Innovators refine their ideas. This is accomplished through a partnership with the Innovation Consortium group, a powerful combination of experienced Engineers with Practical experience, human and technology based ​Networks. The Innovation Garage which is hosted monthly (Every last Friday of the Month) at the EA RILab is a great platform for Innovators to build and get quick fixes of their projects collaboratively with very creative and brave individuals.
    Are you a Telecom Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Architect , Social Scientist, etc? Come and be part of a group of radical Innovators in our Innovation space to build something, or fix something, where some cool ideas and rough prototypes get their first sparks. Participants will be equipped with knowledge and unique skills including insights, advanced technology, tools, and skilling, on how to push the reset button that reinvents and re-calibrates an existing product or service portfolio. The Innovation Garage embraces multi-disciplinary Teams and we look forward to your participation.
    Feel free to invite a colleague