• Innovation Garage

    Makerere University School of Public Health – ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) is pleased to invite you to the first Eastern Africa Resilience Innovation Labs’ (EA RILab) Innovation Garage on Friday 26th June 2:00pm – 6:00pm. Focused on Innovation as a cornerstone and key transformational element for development, The Innovation Garage guided by the Theme “Catalyzing Engineering Solutions” is well positioned to assist Innovators refine their ideas.

    This will be accomplished through a partnership with the Innovation Consortium group, a powerful combination of experienced Engineers with Practical experience, human and technology based Networks.

    The Innovation Garage which will be hosted monthly (Every last Friday of the Month) at the EA RILab is a great platform for Innovators to build and get quick fixes of their projects collaboratively with very creative and brave individuals.

    The EA RILab Innovation Garage shall provide a unique capability and skill set:
    i. To provide engineering support to projects at all levels of the innovation process in the RILab
    ii. To provide support to all Engineering Innovations through the “Open Clinic” and to Drive open Innovation and design of products
    iii. To brainstorm new ideas of existing challenges and quickly prototype and deliver unique solutions
    Participants will be equipped with knowledge and unique skills including insights, advanced technology, tools, and skilling, on how to push the reset button that reinvents and re-calibrates an existing product or service portfolio.

    Come and be part of a group of radical Innovators in our Innovation space to build something, or fix something, where some cool ideas and rough prototypes get their first sparks.