• Ignite Series under the theme “Climate change and its effects on community health in Uganda”

    It is predicted that Uganda will continue to experience rising temperatures, which will increase by more than 2 °C by 2030 (Tetra Tech ARD, 2013). Additionally, the growing variability of inter-annual rainfall is projected to continue, including increased rainfall during the wet season. This heavier rainfall is expected to increase the frequency of extreme events such as floods, landslides and related effects on livelihood including disease outbreaks among others.
    In the powerful panel discussion during the Ignite Series held on Thursday June 25, 2015, participants discussed and shared about the causes of these climate variations, their effects and how they can be averted. What polices and approaches can be adopted to curb related effects? The discussion, characterized by Question and Answer session was guided by questions including; Climate change and health; what can Big Data tell us? , Climate change effects; what is the genesis of this situation? Who is to blame? And how do we close the gap? Highlighting the Recommended policies and approaches that stake holders should adopt.