MKITs stands forModular Knowledge Information and Teaching Systems. MKITS capture the spectrum of possible knowledge/educational resources that the RILabs are developing to build the capacity of our innovators and communities. These range, on one end of the spectrum, from short instructional videos or presentations that are designed to offer targeted, ‘Just in Time’ capacity building, to the more ‘traditional’ courses that may take weeks to complete, and offer broader training/knowledge, including community-focussed MKITS. MKITS will allow RILabs to conceptualize and develop educational resources that are tightly-coupled to a perceived knowledge gap and gives them the flexibility to design these to meet the learner’s need and learning context. The modules should also fit within the broader RAN’s innovation incubation process, providing skills that different developers need at different stages of the pipeline. The ultra-short instructional videos make it possible for the RILabs to quickly develop high-value learning objects in real-time, using minimal resources. These could then be presented as a menu of learning objects on a widely accessible platform from which learners can independently choose what they want at a particular time. Mentors can also refer mentees to a particular resource (or a batch of them). Likewise, a batch of resources can be packaged into a course if the RILab so wishes to respond to a demand (e.g. short videos on ‘human-centred design’, ‘divergence and convergence’, and ‘rapid prototyping’ could be packaged into a ‘design thinking module’).

Some of the MKITS include:

1. About RAN

2. Scaled Innovation

3. EasternAfrica RILab Grantees