• Internship at RAN

    Internship at RAN

    EA RILab: June – August 2016

    RAN is pleased to announce this year’s Student Internship positions for a period of 10 Weeks.   (4th June – 4th August 2015). Students will be exposed to a working environment that will give them hands-on assignments and project tasks to gain in-depth real world training, and acquisition of professional virtues and expertise. Specifically the objectives of the internship will be:

    • To enable students acquire practical skills and experience to complement the theoretical knowledge acquired in class through project tasks that shall be assigned.
    • To facilitate students to develop formal and informal relationships that could guide their career development, communicate effectively with fellow workers and supervisors on issues related to projects undertaken.
    • To acquaint students with the organizational structure, team work, business operations, safety practices, administrative functions and social activities undertaken by organizations.
    • To help students attest and practice high-quality organizational skills in enhancing individual and group effectiveness and productivity and work effectively in teams.
    • To enable student demonstrate creativity and innovation in solving problems related to real-life projects, good planning, good time management and quality delivery of project undertaken.
    • Students will be expected to present projects to the EARILab management at the end of this training period and will be required to complete a log of activities that you have undertaken on a daily basis.
    • Equip students with outstanding organisational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines.




    Research, Data, Monitoring, Evaluation, Tools and approaches to collecting and analyzing data: Students will engage in RAN research activities geared at strengthening their research knowledge and skills. As part of the research tools, students with interest in using Geographic Information System (GIS) are also encouraged to apply.




    The student Interns will assist the Information Technology department in completing various projects. Specifically, this position will assist in developing Management Systems, developing Web Portals, Analyzing, troubleshooting and fixing computer-related issues, implementing hardware and software solutions and any other tasks as assigned by the head of ICT department.



    Under the Innovations department, students will appreciate how Innovation plays an important part in strengthening the ties between research and production, and it presupposes the active application of all theoretical and practical knowledge developed in any given field and in all related fields. This shall be through interactive and participatory engagements with the innovations being incubated at RAN. Students shall internalize research findings on specific RAN thematic issues such as climate change and conflict. How this data fits into the process of prototyping solutions (both products and systems) that address priority needs of the communities of interest. Students shall internalize research findings on specific RAN thematic issues such as climate change and conflict and how this data fits into the process of rapid prototyping (both products and systems) that address priority needs of the communities of interest and develop prototype solutions for specific challenges.




    These student fellows shall be responsible for increasing our brand awareness, driving internet traffic, and increasing activity/engagement on social media including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, U-Tube. Utilize Internet marketing techniques to increase traffic and brand awareness. Leverage social networks to strengthen relationships with our audience. Utilize Blogging, social networking, and backlink building to raise our web presence and placement on web searches.




    • Develop solid content strategy targeted towards our audience
    • Design, create and manage promotions and social ads
    • Create, curate and manage all published content
    • Analyze campaigns and translate anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising the social media campaigns

    What does it take:

    1. The student understands the Innovation ecosystem . Who the players are, what do you have to watch out for, what’s trendy, innovative
    2. Excellent written and oral communication skills
    3. Understanding of the social media universe including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs etc.





    In Business Modeling, the students will work with the startups in EA RILab to develop customer survey, product marketing, and pricing tools. They will also be involved in working with the innovation teams in sales and marketing activities as well as development of needed tools and strategies.



    Please note that RAN uses a Multi-disciplinary approach in research and innovation activities whilst developing solutions solving community challenges. We therefore welcome all students from all disciplines to apply to belong to any of our open departments, realizing that each discipline contributes significantly to our work.